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Aww...Suga! Pop Up Shops

Aww...Suga! believes in supporting other small businesses. Be sure to check back here for links to fun Aww...Suga! pop ups at shopping events with a little something for everyone!

Talk About Aww...Suga!

Malan Breton, Designer to the Stars ~   "A few days ago, I sent a message on Facebook, my skin was so dry I was concerned.
Two days later at my office I received a parcel from Sadie of her miracle Shea body butter. I have never seen my skin plump up so quickly. OMG please check it out it’s incredible!"

Heidi, Boutique Owner ~ "It is amazing, I have sensitive skin & it works without being greasy...The products are amazing, so happy with the entire line."

Kim, Business Analyst ~ "I love the products! Everything smells awesome...great job!"

Jane, Homemaker ~ "Sadie's products are fabulous. my skin has never been better."

What's On Sale!

Checkout our 15% off online sale for Shea Whipped Body Butters, Sugar Body Scrubs, and Shea Butter Massage Oil Candles from Jan 14th - Feb 2nd!!! These items are the perfect way to say I Love You! Don't miss out!!! 

Aww...Suga! Did You Know?

Did you know that shea butter offers some protection against UV rays? Shea butter provides approximately an SPF 5 while continuing to nourish and moisturize the skin.